SAT: Evidence-Based Writing, Go & DIFFERENT PSAT

SAT: Evidence-Based Writing, Go & DIFFERENT PSAT


Testive Head of Learning, Jon LaPlante, takes us with sample concerns from the Evidence-Based Writing portion, provides awareness on the dissertation, and shares what Testive is planning for the NEW SAT & BRAND-NEW PSAT around coming several weeks.

Evidence-Based Writing Review

The College Enter has changed the writing portion quite significantly— it at this time looks nearly the same as the WORK English test out.

What this means is that they may have eliminated the effective use of three thought types (improving sentences, fault identification, strengthening paragraphs). Instead, students will likely be given five passages with 400‐450 terms that they need to strengthen. Students should be able to identify grammatical mistakes and correct these individuals as an illustrated in the example question listed below.

Another differentiator from the present SAT is always that at least one of them passages will contain informational graphics, including a table custom writing essays, but will require trainees to make contacts between the kitchen table and the material of the verse. Essentially, scholars will need to comprehend the family table to be able to response the question. So it is not really a writing question, but will also usually be included in the sociable sciences subscore.

In addition , college students will be enquired to improve a passage by eliminating or such as entire sentences— similar to the sentence improvement questions on the latest SAT. Continue reading →